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(Adjust your frame size based upon the size of your documents. If your documents are too large then move to the next size frame)
(All frame dimensions will be adjusted if necessary to ensure your documents are visually optimised to enhance the appearance of your frame)

Downloads - Example objects related to occasions - Installation instructions 2d - Product specification 2d type

2 Dimensional Framing

Whether you are looking to frame a single piece of artwork or multiple documents, our 2D planner in the e-shop can help you design your optimum layout. From small cigarette cards through to large programmes and books a vast range of documents can be framed.

Choose from our twelve standard sized options or contact us for any bespoke size or frame requests on 0845 094 0155.

All our 2D frames are produced using a square contemporary moulding section measuring 40 x 43mm. You can choose from six different frame finishes and twelve different mount board colours. You decide whether you have a double mount or choose a triple mount to further accentuate your artwork. The mount boards colour coordination is also down to you to ensure that your choice displays your documents in the most complimentary way possible.

Completely personalise your plaque with an option of gold or silver effect and your own choice of text. All our 2D frames are supplied with acrylic as standard offering a much lighter and shatter proof alternative to glass. Why not upgrade to UV acrylic to further protect your artwork, (recommended for all valuable items). Glass & Non-Reflective Glass options are available for all orders delivered within Northamptonshire.

Either supply your documents for them to be workshop fitted or if you prefer we will design the protection for your documents within your frame for you to fit yourself.


1.4mm Conservation standard mount board- (FATG)
Digitally engraved gold or silver effect plaque with black lettering
2mm Clear Glass or 2mm Clear Acrylic Glazing, supplied as standard- shatterproof & distortion free.
Upgrade option to 2mm UV Acrylic available provides 97% protection against ultra violet light, a must for all valuable artwork & documents.
Sustainable sourced timber moulding FSC & PEFC accredited
Maximum document thickness is 12.5mm
Documents encapsulated for maximum protection and reversibility
2 factory fitted adjustable wall hangers
Felt spacers fitted on all 4 corners of the backboard providing ventilation behind the frame.
Can accommodate shirts, dresses, children's clothing & sports clothing subject to proportionality and size. (Please contact us for full details- 0845 094 0155)
Upgrade option to 2mm Non-Reflective Glass, (Local Deliveries only)


Encapsulated sleeves and/or Conservation corners, (product code-CC32X4) will be provided with your 2D frame.

Should you choose to fit your own documents you will need to purchase a roll of Kraft tape, (product code- BKT50X50) to seal the back of your frame. If your documents are workshop fitted then your frame will be completely sealed and finished prior to dispatching to you.

Should you fit your own documents the after sealing the back of your frame you will need to screw in the 2 adjustable wall hangers before fixing your product to the wall.

Please follow the installation instructions carefully before commencing the hanging of your frame.

To clean your acrylic glazing use either an acrylic cleaner or a micro-fibre cloth and water.