Midi 3D Removable Box Frames (75 x 50 x 9.5cm)

Midi 3D Removable Box Frames (75 x 50 x 9.5cm)


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3 Dimension Object Frames

Our 3D object frames are designed uniquely to be adaptable so the user can easily change the object/s, photograph/s & plaque as often as they like. Featuring our patent applied adaptable object box, (Patent Applied GB-1221736) you can transform your product by removing the front frame allowing you access inside the object box.

Simply remove the two socket screws using the allen key supplied and the front frame will lift off the back frame. Your object box can then be removed and access to the rear of box allows you to replace with another object of your choice and secure using our range of 3D accessories. (See'3D Accessories' page for details).

Bend back the framers points which hold the mount board pack into the front frame and you can then change your photograph/s and plaque to suit your new occasion. Additionally you can also upgrade your mount board pack to colour coordinate with your new theme, (See mount pack page in the e-shop).

Your frame is transformed and displaying a new special occasion!

All our 3D frames are produced using a square contemporary moulding section measuring 40 x 43mm for the front frame, while the back frame is constructed using a 60 x 20mm section. 'Midi' 3D frames are available in a choice of six unique layouts as shown on this page. You can choose from both distressed gold or distressed silver frame finishes, and any combination of mount board colours from the twelve options available.

These object frames can accommodate any object with a depth up to 70mm.

Completely personalise your plaque with an option of gold or silver effect and your own choice of text. All our 3D frames are supplied with acrylic as standard offering a much lighter and shatter proof alternative to glass. Why not upgrade to UV acrylic to further protect your artwork, (recommended for all valuable items). Glass & Non-Reflective glass options are available for all orders delivered in Northamptonshire.


• Removable Object Box- Patent Applied GB1221736
• Matching front & back frame finish
• Easy access detachable front frame
• Front frame safety retaining mechanism
• 1.4mm Conservation standard mount board- (FATG)
• Digitally engraved gold or silver effect plaque with black lettering
• 2mm Clear Acrylic Glazing, supplied as standard- shatterproof & distortion free
• Upgrade option to 2mm UV Acrylic available provides 97% protection against ultra violet light, a must for all valuable artwork & documents. • Sustainable sourced timber moulding FSC & PEFC accredited
• Maximum object depth is 70mm
• Conservation photo corners included
• 2 factory fitted adjustable wall hangers
• Felt spacers fitted on all 4 corners of the backboard providing ventilation behind the frame.
• See our object ideas & Object related to occasions downloads for suggestions on objects which can be mounted, (Please contact us for full details- 0845 094 0155).
• 2mm Clear Glass or 2mm Clear Acrylic Glazing supplied as standard.
• Upgrade option to 2mm Non-Reflective Glass (local deliveries only).


• 3D mount board pack Type Midi 1,
(Refer to mount pack page for colour options)

• 3D mount board pack Type Midi 2,
(Refer to mount pack page for colour options)

• 3D mount board pack Type Midi 3,
(Refer to mount pack page for colour options)

• 3D mount board pack Type Midi 4,
(Refer to mount pack page for colour options)

• 3D mount board pack Type Midi 5,
(Refer to mount pack page for colour options)

• 3D mount board pack Type Midi 6,
(Refer to mount pack page for colour options)

• New Object Box 250 x 200mm (internal size 230x180mm)
• New Object Box 400 x 300mm (internal size 380 x 280mm)
• Ball Mounting Clip- Tennis Ball
• Ball Mounting Clip- Cricket/Baseball Ball
• Ball Mounting Clip- Golf Ball
• Polyester strap (50 microns) 10mm x 400mm & DS tape (300mm)
• Polyester strap (50 microns) 10mm x 150mm & DS tape (300mm)
• Roll 50mm x 50m Brown Kraft Tape
• Multi Purpose Object Holder 7mm
• Multi Purpose Object Holder 12mm
• Small Round Object Holder 2-4mm thick
• Wide Object Holder 30mm
• Flat Object Holder 45mm
• Cylindrical Holder 63mm
• Multi Purpose Clip Holder-up to 4mm thick
• Conservation Corners 32mm
• Miniature Cable tie 2.5mm x 100mm (clear)
• Miniature Cable tie 2.5mm x 200mm (clear)
• Double Sided Sticky Pads 25x25mm x0.8mm

(For full technical details please refer to the '3D Accessories' page)

Please follow the installation instructions carefully before commencing the hanging of your frame. To clean your acrylic glazing, only use either an acrylic cleaner or a micro-fibre cloth and water.