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Stepping up on the career ladder is a true endorsement and recognition of ones ability, dedication and commitment shown towards a company. Why not acknowledge this special achievement with an arrangement of photographs, documents and meaningful objects which together can provide you with a long lasting unique memory. Keepsakes Framed have a variety of options and styles to choose from. You can complete your personalised frame with a digitally engraved plaque incorporating your own choice of wording.

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Custom Objects to Frame

3D - Photographs, Gifts, Champagne Toasting Glasses, Champagne Bottle, Company Plaque, Company Shield, Company Product, Company Trophy, Company Medal, Engraved Glassware, Memorabilia
2D - Photographs, Acknowledgement, Confirmation Letter, New Job Title, Directors Hierarchy Plan, Company Organogram, Magazine, Book, Newspaper Article/Clip

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Example objects related to occasions